Monday, February 28, 2022

A look at the in-progress new home of Bleecker Street Bar — on Broadway

All has been quiet on the new Bleecker Street Bar front this past year or so... But!

The bar provided an update on Instagram (where the top pic is from) late last week: 
We have been quiet but we have been busy! We promised you the best Bleecker Street Bar 2.0 we could make and we are happy to say we are building! It's been an incredibly long and hard couple of years for so many people and we can't wait to welcome all our people back and raise a glass to resilience and community. 
As previously reported, the neighborhood bar's 30-year tenure on the corner of Bleecker and Crosby came to an end in August 2020. Per the owners at the time: "All of our efforts to negotiate a reasonable lease extension with our landlord have failed." 

However, they lined up a new space just around the corner at 648 Broadway between Bleecker and Bond. 

In the Instagram comments, management figured they'd be open by late summer/early fall.


Anonymous said...

We need more dives! This is great!

Kristen said...

Can. Not. Wait. Life just hasnt been the same without Bleecker <3