Friday, January 20, 2023


A resident of a building on Fifth Street shares this email from the landlord of roughly three years, The Sabet Group, which offers their rationale for persistent broken front-door locks and, subsequently, stolen packages ...
Dear Residents,

You are correct, the city is no longer safe due to the bail reform and protest to defund the police. There are no consequences for stealing packages/breaking the law. The doors will be fixed again due to criminals attempting to pick and break locks. Please submit your request to the police and the city regarding safety of the city and our state. 

Thank you, 
The Management 

The resident was irked that the landlord blamed issues such as bail reform instead of shoddy maintenance practices. Per a resident: "Sabet might consider using some of the exorbitantly higher rents they collect to maintain security and protect their tenants." 


Anonymous said...

I also live in a Sabet Group-owned building in the East Village where packages have been regularly stolen. The front door lock was often broken because of shoddy maintenance. Plus they kicked out our super so no one is here to accept packages if we're out. The police were actually pretty responsive, our landlord less so.

Anonymous said...

the height of chutzpah!

Anonymous said...

My building was robbed at least twice a couple of years ago and the guy was caught on camera. I asked the super if he sent the video to police and he shrugged it off, saying the police don't care and won't do anything. Then he continues to complain about crime. Go figure.

Seedyfilmz said...

The gall! Regardless of the state of the city, the landlord has a duty to create a safe and secure building. Really not making a case that landlords deserve our empathy here.

Anonymous said...

NYPD's budget for 2023 is $10.8 billion, and is increasing every year through 2026

And there's no causality established between bail reform and an increase in crime:

tl;dr: Sabet is wrong and/or lying

Anonymous said...

Dear Resident:

We regret to inform you that your building is owned and managed by right wing doofuses.

The Management

Exterminator said...

the laws need to be changed. any building
that is owned by a slumlord who
intentionally does not maintain the
property and/or harasses innocent
rent paying tenants should have the
property confiscated by the city, and the
apartments should be gifted to the
existing tenants. this might sound drastic
but it would be effective. slumlords, like
lowlife Jared Kushner would quickly
change their ways of conducting business.

Carol from East 5th Street said...

The police budget may be increasing but the number of police officers on the job is not. The 9th Precinct is down 30 officers and has been for a while. In addition it is difficult to recruit new ones as there are more and more restrictions on how they can do their job and how their arrests result mostly in perpetrators being released back to the streets overnight.
I don't care what the Brennan Center says. They obviously do not live or work in NYC.

Anonymous said...

So criminals steals packages and break lock and landlords extort money from crazy rent prices. The hard working middle person is always the victim.

Anonymous said...

Tenants' Rights

HPD Code enforcement

Report a Quality of Safety Issue

Anonymous said...

Form a Tenant Association
"When tenants work together, they can apply more pressure to make a landlord provide services, make repairs, and stop harassment—and get the best possible home for the rent they’re paying. A strong tenants’ association can force a landlord to listen; as a group, the tenants can have more leverage to negotiate, file complaints with the city and state agencies that oversee housing, get help from elected officials, go to court, or—if push comes to shove—call a rent strike."


I've lived in my apartment for 11 years now and there as absolutely been an increase in packages being stolen the past few years. It's a pain in the ass to file a police report each time - which does nothing to stop the problem - in order have the proper paperwork to be refunded by the vendor. Why would anyone NOT steal packages? There's no consequences thanks to the revolving door of bail reform.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks before christmas, a guy broke into our lobby, pulling a cart. He stood in the lobby for a good 10 minutes sifting through packages. He took them all. On the way out one fell off the cart. He walked back in, picked it up, and looked right into the camera. It was right out of the Grinch cartoon. The whole things is on HD video. The police said "thanks"

From what I can see on the video he opened the ubiquitous NYC front door buzzer lock with a simple magnet.

Anonymous said...

"There's no consequences thanks to the revolving door of bail reform. "

There's no consequences thanks to owners of buildings not doing their job.

"Owners should alert the police to illegal activity in their building. To secure buildings from drug dealers and vandals, the building manager, superintendent, or owner should immediately repair broken locks or intercoms."

Anonymous said...

All good points until the end. Bail reform has nothing to do with any of this - there’s not a shred of evidence to support it.

Anonymous said...

Notorious @ 1:21p.m. said, "There's no consequences thanks to the revolving door of bail reform. " - This is a fake excuse for landlords not doing their job.

Tenants experiencing lack of security issue,
Check out "ABC's of Housing" page 20 section D

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Notorious at 10:20a.m. not 1:21p.m.

Anonymous said...

Google "glitter bomb." Send one to yourself. Leave it out and let the package thief enjoy the shiny fun.

Anonymous said...

Glitter bombs are TERRIFIC.

Anonymous said...

63 Perry is also owned by Sabet Group. Check all the violations in the building.

Anonymous said...