Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Greenwich Marketplace closes on 4th Avenue

A for-rent sign now hangs in the front window at at 120 Fourth Ave. at 12th Street ... bringing an end to Greenwich Marketplace's time here on the NW corner. (Thanks to EVG reader Doug for the photo.)

The market, with a larger-than-average deli counter serving geographically friendly items such as the NYU Wrap, opened in March 2021

The previous tenant, the PokéSpot, closed in the summer of 2020 after four years. Before that, we had a Subway (sandwich shop) here along a well-traveled corridor. 


Anonymous said...

soon as they opened they went under scaffolding and never recovered

Anonymous said...

Don't know why this place didn't make it. They certainly started out well. Perhaps crossing 4th Ave was too far for dorm students to schlep??

Anonymous said...

There are dorms along 3rd avenue and close to 4th avenue. Also, this city is more than just NYU students.