Tuesday, January 17, 2023

On the CB3-SLA docket tonight: fresh bread, vinyl records and the members-only FlyFish Club

Here's a look at some of the applicants who will appear before Community Board 3's SLA committee this evening. (See below for info on watching online.) It's a light agenda this month, with just a handful of applications for new liquor licenses. 

Heaven's Cookies LLC, 47 2nd Ave (wb)

The team behind Sauced, a wine bar that plays vinyl records on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, is planning a like-minded concept for a currently vacant and under-renovation storefront on Second Avenue between Second Street and Third Street (pictured above).

Sauced Grocery is a combo deli-bakery-cafe that will serve deli sandwiches and baked bread during the day with a wine bar in the evenings. There will also be "a vinyl records listening room." Proposed hours are from noon to midnight, with a 2 a.m. close Thursday through Saturday.

You can find more details on the Sauced questionnaire here.

Francis Kite (Francis Kite LLC), 40 Ave C (op) 

The Francis Kite Club is being billed as "a collectively built space created for sociality, leisure, collaboration, debate, conversation, and play" for the storefront at 40 Avenue C between Third Street and Fourth Street.

The space, which will operate a cafe, plans to host "art events such as lectures, exhibitions and performances" several times a month.

No. 40 has been used as a pop-up theater space this past year... the address was previously the cocktail lounge Bedlam.

Find the Francis Kite questionnaire here

FlyFish Club (D&C Social Club Inc), 141 E Houston St (op)

As reported in November, the city's first NFT restaurant signed on at the new 9-story office building at 141 E. Houston St. between Eldridge and Forsyth. 

According to the Post, the Flyfish Club is leasing three levels, 11,000 square feet total, for the members-only club that will feature a "bustling" cocktail lounge, an upstairs restaurant and outdoor space — the enclosed walkway between the building and Yonah Schimmel next door.

The 84-page questionnaire provides a lot of background, including a sound study and sample menu. Find the PDF here.

NGE NYC LLC, 308 E 6th St (op) 

The management behind the Tim Burton-inspired bar-restaurant Beetle House on Sixth Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue is behind Bread & Stone. This pizzeria will also offer a variety of baked bread.

They plan on operating a "small-batch bread shop" during the day and a restaurant in the evenings, featuring a menu of Italian classics. You can find a sample menu and more details about the proposed business here.


The CB3 SLA agenda also includes this item of interest: "Develop guidance regarding Open Restaurants hours."

Tonight's meeting starts at 6:30. Find the Zoom invite at this link.


Neighbor said...

Lower Avenue C seeing a number of interesting openings coming. Good stuff

Anonymous said...

I'm all for pizza, but I'm wary of the plan on 6th St only because the owner has a history. I live in a building that shares the back courtyard. Are there any neighbors out there who can say whether or not Beetlejuice has been a good neigbor?

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the lower Ave C, that area has been pretty dead for a few years, it's great to see developments.

Anonymous said...

Heavens Cookies even being considered for a liquor license is hard to comprehend in an area so over-saturated with bars. It is less than 400 feet from a school. That space never had a liquor license before. All points that are supposed to preclude a liquor license and yet here we are, another bar for the kids in the in a neighborhood where the quality of life has plummeted due to all the bars, particularly in the warmer weather. The next block north is like Disneyland for drinkers on the weekends.

Anonymous said...

Here come the prohibition comments...

Anonymous said...

Legit restaurants that serve booze ok but man there's too many of these jokers who say they're gonna be one thing and then at the end of the day just turn into loud intrusive bar/discos that real negative impact on the quality of life for hundreds ( if not thousands) of us, enough CB3 get tough please start protecting us from the predatory bar owners please please Pretty Please

Unknown said...

The pizzeria would not be in the former Kindred space, which is 342 E6th, but the former Taj space, which is next door to the original Beetle House space.

Grieve said...

Thanks, 8:04. I fixed that mistake.