Friday, January 13, 2023

Openings: From Lucie on 10th Street

Photos by Stacie Joy 

Lucie Franc de Ferriere is debuting her very first bakery tomorrow (Saturday!) at 11 a.m. ... at 263 E. 10th St. between Avenue A and First Avenue. 

Here, she hopes to bring a little of her native French countryside to the neighborhood. 

During the pandemic, the local resident lost her gallery job and turned to something familiar from her childhood to help pay the rent: baking cakes. 

As she wrote in her successful Kickstarter campaign
After baking one too many cakes for my friends, I decided to do a few pop-ups around the city in 2020 to sell my mini cakes. Soon after, I created my website so that people could order their cakes. I did not expect that people would be so interested in trying my cakes and knowing more about my story and that I’d be baking full-time! 
Following her success in recent years, she decided to take "a scary leap of faith" and open her own shop.
She was raised on a farm in Bordeaux in southwest France, where her family grew their own fruit, vegetables and flowers. 
My mother owns a small bed and breakfast where people from all over the world come and dine at our table, and there is always a big cake for dessert and a nice bouquet of freshly picked flowers at the center. Baking cakes for me isn't only about working with unique products but also to reproduce those small moments and souvenirs and bring a glimpse of the south of France to people's desserts. 
From Lucie will feature a variety of her baked goods as well as serve coffee and tea (there are just a few seats for in-bakery dining).
You can follow along via the From Lucie website or Instagram account.


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Mark said...

Amazing! I am an ardent supporter of local EV businesses, not to mention bakeries aka boulangeries, which are my favorite place to spend money on for goodies. I have a sweet tooth and a dad bod to prove it. I will stop by very soon. Welcome to the neighborhood :)

MrNiceGuy said...

Welcome to the East Village Lucie!

We are so privileged to live in a neighborhood where passionate, inventive, creative, entrepreneurial people can bring their ideas to reality. The small storefronts of the EV are such a treasure!

BT said...

Bonne chance Lucie avec Les Gateux!

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Anonymous said...

EV for the win

Sarah said...

Looking forward to trying it!

Dan said...

good luck Lucie!!!

Allie said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! My children and I look forward to stopping by for after school treats.