Sunday, January 22, 2023


Photo yesterday by Stacie Joy

The public restrooms remain out of commission (since November) in Tompkins Square Park... per previous reportsa malfunctioning boiler and a broken pipe in the basement of the fieldhouse are to blame. 

Meanwhile, as someone wrote on the sign, people would like a working restroom here.


Anonymous said...

Do to?

Anonymous said...

Doo 2!

Anonymous said...

The back wall of the field house is now being used as an open air urinal. Not sure if that constitutes a public health issue — but more than a dozen men used that wall to relieve themselves while I was back there removing discarded syringes.

I’d like to know if there are plans to bring in temporary restrooms now — as well as during the 2 year period when the field house will be closed. There is a large community living in and around Tompkins who rely on those public bathrooms. If they are unavailable, folks will just relieve themselves elsewhere in the park

XTC said...

Given the choice of the TSP restroom or fiberglass shit box I think I'd rather pee on a wall.