Tuesday, March 19, 2024


Over the weekend, workers removed the curbside dining structures that lined Brooklyn Dumpling Shop's St. Mark's Place and First Avenue sides. (H/T MP!)

Several EVG readers had complained about this lengthy setup, seemingly only used as a rest stop for delivery workers.

March 5 marked the first day that food service establishments could start applying online to join the Dining Out NYC program. (Apply here.)

City officials released the new guidelines, "Dining Out NYC," early last month. As previously noted, the significant change is that enclosed, year-round roadway dining structures will no longer be permitted. The revised regulations stipulate that roadway cafes must now be open-air, easily portable, and simple to assemble and dismantle. Additionally, these establishments are restricted to operating only from April through November. 

According to city officials, if restaurants plan to offer diners open-air options, owners must remove and replace their old outdoor dining setups by Aug. 24.


Carol from East 5th Street said...

It was an unused eyesore. Great to see a clean (for now) empty space.
If you know of any other ugly/abandoned dining sheds call 311 so it's "on the list" for removal.

Exterminator said...

Unfortunately, they have sandbags
and barriers at both locations, so they
are probably going to build new sheds.
In addition, they put out tables & chairs
every day. Like the sheds, never used.

Grieve said...


They are giving away the bags on the St. Mark's side... there are signs on them...