Thursday, March 14, 2024

This day on the Bowery in 2007

A new EVG reader, Ernst (of Oasis D'Neon Video Magazine), shared these photos that he took on March 14, 2007, outside the former CBGB at 315 Bowery. 

On this day, the country blues-turned-punk club had been closed for almost five months (Oct. 15, 2006). John Varvatos would open a store in the space some 13 months later. 

So here's a look at some more recent ghosts of the Bowery.
... at this time, 313 Bowery, the former CBGB Record Canteen and CB's 313 Gallery space, was still for rent ... before the Morrison Hotel Gallery arrived in 2008... (the first of several businesses here; it's now the gallery Amanita)...
And this all seems longer than 17 years ago...


Brian said...

It seems longer than 17 years ago because the club had a long descent from its heyday in the late 70s early 80s. Hilly kept it going as a dive where new bands could show their what they were made of.

Eric said...

Out of all the businesses that could have ended up there, it could have been a lot worse than John Varvatos. At least they preserved the original bar and the crusty flyer wall for people to see for many more years in the space.

Exterminator said...

On the first of the three last nights of
CBGBs, there was a bar of soap in the
men’s room. I had never seen a bar of
soap in the men’s room since first
going there in 1976. By the last night,
when Patti Smith played, the soap was
gone. I have a picture of the soap in my
old flip phone but never retrieved it
since getting an iPhone. But I still have it.

Beneluxer said...

I remember walking down there with a friend to see what took the place of CBGBs and they had $200 jeans and a used record bin and they were selling a roughed up copy of Traffic's "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" for $40...

ernst. said...

thanx for sharing my snapshots… g’day & all be well, ernst.

ernst. said...

greetings all … thanx fer sharing my snapshots
of the former formidable tuneage fortress cbgb. Good going Hilly et al!!!.
EVG- keep up the good work… best to all,
flatblackCadillac artwerx
“Oasis d’neon video magazine”
“fight the good fight”

lkb said...

Hilly took out the original bar, most of the walls, bathrooms, stage, etc.

lkb said...

Hilly removed the bar, many of the walls, the stage, bathrooms and much more. The owners of the trademark are in possession of these items.