Saturday, April 6, 2024

Dragon Fest is coming to a street near you, starting today

Dragon Fest, the Chinese food and culture festival, returns TODAY (Saturday!). 

Per the EVG inbox: 
This year, visitors can expect over 100 varieties of traditional, popular, and rare Chinese foods, including soup dumplings, dragon's beard candy, lotus root sandwiches, sugar-coated chestnuts, grilled cold noodles, iron plate tofu, fried skewers, milk cap tea, among others. 
The local lineup includes:
• April 6 — Broadway, 12th-13th Street
• April 21 — Second Avenue, 9th-10th Street 
• May 25 — Astor Place

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Anonymous said...

Definitely saw Japanfest this afternoon when we got off the subway R at 8th st