Sunday, April 14, 2024

Week In Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo on 2nd Street near the Bowery)...

• RIP Debby Lee Cohen (Wednesday) and Patti Astor (Friday

• Today's solar eclipse with the Second Avenue Star Watchers (Monday) ... Watching the eclipse from 6th and B (Monday) ... Eclipse in progress on St. Mark's Place (Monday

• East Village tenants speak out against rollbacks to potential rent-stabilization laws (Tuesday

• East Village native Anna Colombia on pursuing photography and growing up in the neighborhood (Thursday

• The Lazy Llama Coffee Bar is opening 2 new outposts, including on 1st Avenue (Tuesday

• First sign of Wonder on Stuyvesant Street (Monday
• The renovation and expansion of 188 1st Ave. (Thursday)

• Dead again: Peter Jarema Funeral Home ad replaced by the Marvel Universe on 7th and B (Wednesday

• Protection for a tree garden on St. Mark's Place (Tuesday

• Demolition watch: The NW corner of 1st Avenue and 2nd Street (Monday

• Openings: Crispy Burger on 1st Avenue (Friday

• Pasta for the former Koko Wings on 1st Avenue (Wednesday

• On 2nd Avenue, Sunday Dreamin' on such a spring day (Tuesday)

... and here's a look at that freshly paved roadway on Avenue A (so far, the work has just been between Houston and Fourth) ...
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