Friday, May 31, 2024

The 'Shadow' returns


It's The Damned from 1985 with "Shadow Of Love." 

And tonight, the Hammerstein Ballroom hosts The Damned's Black Strawberry Ball, which reunites the UK band's iconic 1980s lineup for the first time since 1989. 

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Alex in NYC said...

I hate to be that guy, but the "iconic" line-up of the band features guitarist Brian James, who, to my knowledge, is NOT along for this particular jaunt.

XTC said...

@Alex- Iconic line-up is correct as it refers to the 1980's, not the late 70's line-up with Brian James. If by iconic meaning widely recognized and established then this current line-up fits the bill. Besides which James only played on the first two records while the 2nd one, Music for Pleasure, written mostly by James, is hardly considered iconic.