Sunday, May 12, 2024

Coming together in Tompkins Square Park to remember Al 'Hammerbrain' Landess

Photos by Stacie Joy

Friends and loved ones of Al "Hammerbrain" Landess came together yesterday afternoon in Tompkins Square Park for a memorial concert in honor of the local resident and veteran of the NYC hardcore who died in February 2022 of cancer. 

EVG's Stacie Joy stopped by as the show was getting underway (that's Skum City in the top pic). 

Among those in attendance were Al's longtime partner, Joanie Koveleskie, with their Siberian Husky Augustus Gloop...
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Chris Flash said...

That was a great show yesterday - the first of the season, after the April 27 benefit show for Jesse Malin was SABOTAGED by certain persons within the Parks Dept, causing it to be moved to an indoor venue.

Our next show will be on May 25, from 2pm-6pm, in our beloved Tompkins Square Park!!!!

Anonymous said...

U freaking rock Chris! I can't thank you enough. You really go above and beyond. 🤟❤️🐺