Sunday, May 26, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo from 3rd Street and Avenue A)...

• Hopes for a new East Village home for Streecha Ukrainian Kitchen (Friday) ... East Village staple Streecha Ukrainian Kitchen has closed on 7th Street; operators hope to find a new space (Thursday

• These East Village residents are still cooking up a unique book of recipes (Monday)

• A neighbor buys the landmarked Isaac T. Hopper Home on 2nd Avenue (Wednesday

• The Damned's Captain Sensible on the return of drummer Rat Scabies, the importance of the Ramones and the legend of CBGB (Thursday)

• Someone painted over this brand-new mural on 12th Street and Avenue C (Friday

• At the annual Dance Parade and DanceFest (Tuesday

• A look at Yoshiko Chuma's 'Extreme Classics' at La Mama (Saturday

• Check out the hand-painted punk posters of Masato Okano (Saturday

• The present and future of the NW corner of 1st Avenue and 2nd Street (Monday

• A Sustainable Village will be on the move this summer (Wednesday

• Cello’s Pizzeria now in soft-open mode on St. Mark's Place (Friday

• Openings: The Onion Tree Pizza Co. on 1st Avenue (Thursday) ... Sunflower Cafe on 2nd Avenue (Monday

• A curbside structure demolition party at Lucky on Avenue B (Friday

• Busted & shuttered at the Grab & Go on Avenue B (Wednesday)

• A quick visit to Gnocchi on 9th (Tuesday) • From the Heads Up Dept.: In case you are thinking of trespassing at 325 E. Houston St. (Saturday

• Today in free, weird circus-y things (Tuesday)

• A man and his duck (Sunday

• A look around at the "perfect woman" flyer knock-off industry (Wednesday

Speaking of which, more people are now seeking "perfect" things...
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