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Friday, March 23, 2018

Vintage photobooth finds a new East Village home

[On the way to Avenue C]

Early last month, Trixie told me about her vintage photobooth that needed a new home.

It had resided inside HiFi these past five-plus years. She thought that the bar taking over for HiFi on Avenue A would keep it. Unfortunately, the proprietors of Coney Island Baby weren't able to accommodate the photobooth.

This morning, Trixie, a longtime East Village resident, reports that she finally found a taker for the Autophoto Model 14 photobooth, which started its career at Nunley's Carousel and Amusement Park in Baldwin, Long Island, in the 1960s.

"We talked to a lot of people, so many people, and had some very interesting leads, but in the end we were able to keep it in the East Village," she said.

The photobooth has made the blocks-long journey to Bedlam, a bar that opened in 2010 on 40 Avenue C between Third Street and Fourth Streets.

I'm only vaguely familiar with Bedlam.

"It’s a neat place with a lush Victorian feel. Lots of wonderful taxidermy and anatomical specimens. It’s beautifully appointed," Trixie said. "The photobooth is there now, set up and ready for action.

"I think that Bedlam will be a good fit and make a happy home for our dear old photobooth."

The booth was previously at the Lakeside Lounge, which closed in April 2012, on Avenue B.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Rock with me: Billy Hurricane's is open (Bedlam too!)

Billy Hurricane's and its space mate, Idle Hands, opened this week at 25 Avenue B. Grub Street's Daniel Maurer swung by for a preview:

Signs advertising a 96-ounce “Das Boot” (à la Heidelberg), scorpion bowls, and “huge-ass beers to go” (meaning growlers) say it all. But this isn’t strictly a place for getting daiquiri-tarded: If popcorn doesn’t do, you can order wings, tater tots, an Andouille burger, a chicken po boy, a BLT, and the occasional beignet special (the menu will expand soon). And if your friends have dragged you here and you just can’t handle gimmicks like the “Wheel of Fortune” of drink specials, you can always retreat downstairs to the quieter bourbon bar, Idle Hands. Take a look at both.

No word whether the bartenders are attractive, sexy, fun and loud.

Also, Grub Street checked out Bedlam on Avenue C... You can read that here. To be honest, I was walking by the place last night and thought I'd see what was what. It was closed for a private party. Or so I was told.