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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ohhhing and aahhing

BoweryBoogie noted the new Calvin Klein Abvertisement (or maybe boobvertisement?) the other day at Lafayette and Houston...

Anyway, I'm enjoying the side-by-side placement of the ads...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Media find people suddenly, suspiciously outraged over Calvin Klein billboard

Back on May 7, smut peddler BoweryBoogie noted the new Calvin Klein ad on Lafayette and Houston. Yeah, this one in which $3,500 of Nair was used. (Photo via BB too.) And BB has more on this story today too.

Well, five weeks later, Fox News yesterday, for unknown reasons, trots out folks from central casting to be OUTRAGED over this, this...smut.
Cue the prudey out of towner:

"It's soft pornography is what it is," said Laurie Baranowski, who said she was in New York for a visit. "I don't think that just because you put Calvin Klein's name on it makes it acceptable. It's a beautiful picture, but I don't think that that's the place for it."

(Has she ever seen soft pornography?)

Then there's the do-goody association spokesperson that exists only to be outraged for the media:

"I think that this company has a moral obligation to our country to display their product in an appropriate manner, especially in a public venue where you have thousands of thousands of children who will see this ad," said Randy Sharp of the American Family Association. "I find this kind of ad repulsive, I find it disgusting, I find it inappropriate for a public venue. For my family of five, Calvin Klein will never see a dollar of our money."

(Do they sell Calvin Klein at Wal-Mart?)

Then there's the seen-it-all-New Yorker:

Joaquin Liguas, who heard about the billboard when he woke up in the morning, told he wasn't bothered by it; he's seen much racier stuff on city streets.

(Who told him about the billboard when he woke up? Where has he been the last five weeks?)

Outrage story complete! Mr. Klein, please pay your publicity team.

Meanwhile, WIVB-TV in Buffalo checks in...

Other news coverage of this controversy via Google....