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Friday, September 14, 2012

Looking at the Church of Saint Emeric on East 13th Street

Catholic churches are coming and going these days in the East Village. Parishioners held the last mass this past Sunday at Mary Help of Christians on East 12th Street. (The Villager has a nice farewell feature in this week's issue.)

The Catholic Archdiocese is selling the church property, which includes the Don Bosco Salesians rectory adjacent to the church and the church's former school on East 11th Street. No official word just yet on the new owner.

Meanwhile, renovations continue at St. Brigid's on Avenue B at East Eighth Street.

And then there the Church of Saint Emeric. As The Villager first reported in June, St. Emeric’s, built in 1950 at 740 E. 13th St. at Avenue D, will close and merge with St. Brigid's.

Per The Villager, Father Lorenzo Ato, priest in charge at St. Emeric for the past four years, will be the pastor of the new parish and has already moved into the Brigid's rectory.

Joseph Zwilling, archdiocese spokesperson, said there weren't any immediate plans for the St. Emeric’s church building or the two-story parochial school built in 1952 next door on East 12th Street and Avenue D.

In any event, I figured this was a good time to visit St. Emeric's ... located down a rather lonely stretch of East 13th Street, which dead ends at the Con Ed power plant. The church sits next to the Manhattan Pumping Station that's currently being refurbished ...

... and across the street from the Con Ed power plant...

On the morning that I walked by here, there were a handful of men huddled atop the sidewalk bridge sleeping...

... and here's a look from the East 12th Street side...

The church building itself is fairly unremarkable (I haven't been inside) and the chunk of real estate is in an unglamorous spot — surrounded by the Con Ed plant, pumping station and public housing. Not sure what would work here outside of some utilitarian purpose or nonprofit use. In other words, no dorms or condos.


Things being what they are these days in Manhattan, I could see some enterprising restaurateur open an eatery and offer an East-River-to-table small plates Tasting Menu for thrill-seekers who desire a real "gritty" East Village meal (don't worry — the eel with be flown in fresh daily from Nihonbashi) ... or a developer launch a boutique hotel with Super Charged Weekend Packages for travelers who yearn what it's like to work at a power plant. Other authentic "street" touches include the housekeeping staff who push their supplies in imitation C-Town grocery carts (for sale in the gift shop for $1,695) and the bar that sells craft beers in brown paper bags.

Yeah, anyway — this is the Church of Saint Emeric

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Feast of Corpus Christi

Earlier today, parishioners of the St. Stanislaus Bishop And Martyr Roman Catholic Church on East Seventh Street celebrated the Feast of Corpus Christi with a march through the East Village...

Always shocked to see any procession around here these days not related to a pub crawl.

Photos by Bobby Williams.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Holy rollers

"During the peak of the real estate boom, one of New York’s largest landowners unloaded more than $100 million worth of property — and might have sold more if not for the parishioners who clung to their churches and blocked the bulldozers. The seller was the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, which closed more than two dozen houses of worship and schools between 2003 and 2008." (The New York Times)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Archbishop Dolan vs. Marmaduke at St. Patrick's

Archbishop Timothy Dolan celebrated his first mass yesterday at Saint Patrick's Cathedral.

And I just happened to be walking by St. Patrick's on Fifth Avenue yesterday afternoon. (Oh -- Easter was last Sunday?) I took these photos after a mass, though I don't think they're of Dolan.

Why? Because more people would have been taking pictures of him rather than this! You should have seen the Great Dane parked out front of St. Patrick's! A photo frenzy!

Friday, October 3, 2008

St. Brigid's gets prepped for something ugly

Curbed reported Sept 25 that the back wall will be coming down at St. Brigid's on Eighth Street and Avenue B. There has definitely been some activity out back the last few days, but nothing major...yet.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Report: Demolition permit for St. Brigid’s is still in effect

Could the church still be torn down?

The Villager reports:

A demolition permit for St. Brigid’s Church on Avenue B was still in effect last week, despite the promise in May of this year of $20 million from an anonymous benefactor to restore the 1849 building and the East Village parish that the Catholic Archdioceses of New York dissolved in 2004.
But an archdiocese spokesperson said last week that architects were preparing plans and contractors were drawing up documents for building permits.
“We know the demolition permit has to be withdrawn and we decided to do it all at once,” said Joseph Zwilling. “There is no construction date and we’ll make an announcement when we have one.”
Nevertheless, Edwin Torres, president of the Committee to Save St. Brigid’s, the group that went to court in 2005 to prevent the church building’s demolition, said last week that the committee was troubled that the demolition permit was still on file at the Department of Buildings.

Yes, we should all be troubled.