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Monday, August 7, 2017

Horus Kabab House airs out their sidewalk cafe on 6th Street

[Photo Friday via @RatedRuwan]

Back on Friday, workers demolished the enclosed sidewalk cafe at Horus Kabab House on Avenue B at Sixth Street... to then unveil a new unenclosed sidewalk cafe...

Both Horus locations (10th and Avenue A being the other) have had noise and various law-enforcement issues in the past. According to the May 2008 CB3 minutes (PDF here), the Avenue B location "has had numerous noise complaints and received numerous summonses for being occupied over capacity and putting too many tables on the sidewalk and whose sidewalk café permit has recently been denied renewal."

Despite the discreditable past, CB3 approved the move from enclosed to unenclosed sidewalk cafe this past April. Per the minutes (PDF here) from that meeting:

WHEREAS, given the history of complaints in operating its previously permitted unenclosed sidewalk café, its violations in operating its premises, its 311 call history despite its now enclosed sidewalk café and the residential character of East 6th Street, Community Board 3 cannot approve a sidewalk café permit greater than eight (8) tables and sixteen (16) seats with limitations on its hours of operation;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Community Board 3 moves to approve the application for a sidewalk café permit for El Sayed 1 Corp., doing business as Horus Kabab House, for the premise located at 93 Avenue B, on the corner of Eats 6th Street and Avenue B, because the applicant has signed a change agreement which will become part of its DCA license that
1) its café will consist of eight (8) tables and sixteen (16) seats located flush against the façade of the
premises on East 6th Street, and
2) its hours of operation will be 12:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. all days

Monday, December 17, 2012

The parties at La Vie have moved to Horus Cafe

At the end of November, an East First Street tipster told us that the State Liquor Authority had revoked La Vie's liquor license on East First Street. (The license had apparently expired in February 2011, but La Vie had been operating under the NY State Administrative Procedures Act, aka SAPA).

As we understand it, La Vie can still apply to have its license reinstated at a future SLA hearing. There's currently a "sorry but due to an emergency La Vie will be closed" sign on the door.

Now, another tipster points us to a new sign... La Vie's owners are also involved with the Horus Cafe...

Says the tipster, who lives adjacent to La Vie: "I feel for anyone who lives by Horus."

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A shattered window at Horus Cafe

EV Grieve reader Ted Roden notes this morning that someone smashed (or kicked in) a window at Horus Cafe on Sixth Street at Avenue B...

He says that it doesn't appear that anyone entered the place; and that it probably happened in full view of the security camera on the corner...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An endorsement that the Horus Cafe management (and neighbors) will just love

Horus Cafe, everybody's worst nightmare favorite hookah hotspot on Avenue B and Sixth Street, received a nice writeup in Washington Square News, NYU's student newspaper...

The premise of the article: "So for those under 21, here are some fun options for your weekend entertainment that you might not have considered before." To the endorsement of Horus!

Horus Cafe is usually crowded and poorly ventilated, resulting in thick smoke hanging from the ceiling at all hours. But its East Village location is definitely convenient, as evidenced by the swarms of underclassmen who frequent the hookah joint on East Sixth Street and Avenue A on the weekends. DJs spin Top-40 songs and belly dancers drift about Thursday through Saturday nights, adding spice to an otherwise mellow night out. Sample the Middle Eastern menu while you're at it, and you won't be disappointed.

Swarms of underclassman...poor ventilation...smoke hanging from the ceiling... why not just call the DOH too?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Horus Cafe sidewalk cafe moving right along

As mentioned a few weeks ago...The Horus Cafe on Avenue B at Sixth Street is getting an enclosed sidewalk cafe...which looks nearly complete now.

A reader who lives down the street noted:

i get to walk by the b&t velvet-rope crowd daily, and can barely get by them all sprawled out, texting, celphone chatting, smoking, flicking cigarette butts everywhere and generally being gross. i usually just walk in the street. NOW with this "cafe" taking up half the sidewalk, plus the velvet rope line, what does that leave???

Meanwhile. A quick flashback to a post from April...

Here's the line to get into Horus Cafe at Avenue B and Sixth Street Saturday around 9 for the Belly Dancers Night....

Monday, August 31, 2009

Avenue B's Horus Cafe getting a sidewalk cafe

The Horus Cafe on Avenue B at Sixth Street...

is adding on a sidewalk cafe, according to work permits. Looks as if it will be enclosed. Still.


Meanhwile in Hell's Kitchen!
Shelia McClear has the story of the new Horus Too (the same owners as the three East Village Horus locations) on West 46th Street. It's a dandy, featuring angry neighbors, community board baiting-and-switching...


While a business owner is not legally obligated to follow the instructions of a community board, Moyer said that the owners willfully misrepresented their intentions. According to Moyer, when someone asked the owner at a meeting, “No hookahs, right?” he replied, “No, no, just good Mediterranean food.”

The restaurant is open until 4 a.m., despite the owners originally telling the board they would close at midnight.

"Hell’s Kitchen neighbors’ fears flamed by hookah bar’s fumes"