Thursday, November 29, 2012

[Updated] La Vie closed for now on East First Street

An East First Street tipster told us last Tuesday that the State Liquor Authority had, that day, revoked La Vie's liquor license on East First Street. (The license had apparently expired in February 2011, but La Vie had been operating under the NY State Administrative Procedures Act, aka SAPA).

However, since last Tuesday, the club had remained open.

BoweryBoogie's tipsters passed along word of this too... and last night, BoweryBoogie reports that a "due to an emergency La Vie will be closed" sign appeared on the club's front door.

[Via an EVG reader]

Per BB: "La Vie can still apply to have its license reinstated at a future SLA hearing, when the board will also take complaints into consideration."

In January 2011, the CB3/SLA denied a liquor license renewal for La Vie. Several angry and frustrated First Street residents were in attendance to address the ongoing issues with La Vie (and its predecessors), and the fact that they have been operating as a club under the guise of a restaurant.

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The session ended on an ugly note, when one of La Vie's partners inexplicably called CB3 District Manager Susan Stetzer a racist. You can read our account of that meeting here. DNAinfo's coverage of the meeting is here.


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