Thursday, November 22, 2012

It has begun (aka breaking): Christmas tree stand going up outside Rite Aid

The annual passage (or something): Workers began assembling the Christmas holiday tree stand outside Rite Aid on First Avenue and East Fifth Street last, per EVG Twitter friend @JorgeO ... No word just yet on when the trees will arrive ... Meanwhile, inside Rite Aid, the 12-ounce canisters of Original Gourmet Butter Cookies are on sale (with wellness+ card) for $1.69 through Saturday.


Pinch said...

Also, on 14th & 1st...along with the always ever-present creepy camper that the guys who sell the trees live in. Happy Holidaygiving to all!

Glenn Belverio said...

I only buy my tree on Ave. B now--anything sold west of B is a big rip-off.