Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Owning the Pudgie's-Nathan's-Arthur Treacher's is now $61k closer to reality

The Pudgie's-Nathan's-Arthur Treacher's action-packed combo that opened this past summer on First Avenue has been on the block... and now, it will cost even less to own the business. The price was reduced by 24.4 percent ($61k) last week ... the asking price is now $189,000.

Per the listing at Trulia:
New Franchise restaurant ...together all in one resturant for Sale. Resturant features in low competition area. Very high traffic location. 10 year lease, low low rent. High Income. Includes all fixtures, inventory and lease. Owner is relocating. Very Motivated to sell.

Now who's motivated to buy?


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Pudgie's/Nathan's/Arthur Treacher's at $189,000 does not sound like food for thought.

Anonymous said...

I think if every regular EVG reader pitched in a couple hundy we could buy this thing, and let's turn it into Pudgie's/Nathan's/Treacher's/EV Grieve Social Club.

Anonymous said...

We ordered the fried chicken AND fish from there and it sucked.

abrod said...

Never see many people in there, though I can't say I've been looking too closely

EV Grieve said...

If I would buy this business, then I'd cut one of the businesses out... and go by either:

Pudgy Nathan's


Nathan Treachers.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

ha ha! Or you could keep all three and call it Arthur's Pudgie Nathan.

EV Grieve said...


I'll keep all 3. But that name needs to be shorter. How about... PuNaTe's?

"Like, hey who wants to go to PuNaTe's tonight for chicken, fish and chips and french fries...?"

Or, NaPudTe's?

pinhead said...

Can I get turducken at NaPudTe's?

And deep-fried butter would be good too.

Goggla said...

Easy Gravy's!