Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Naked Pizza now on vacation 'until after' Dec. 4

A few weeks ago we noted that Naked Pizza on East 14th Street near Third Avenue had been closed of late. Per the NP website, they were on vacation until after Nov. 20.

The gluten-free pizzeria remains closed. The latest update from their website — after Dec. 4.

Do you think they'll ever return from vacation? Do you care if they ever return...?


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Maybe they're out collecting wild oregano in the Alburni Mountains.

Morgan Tsvangirai said...

Why would you buy pizza at a store that looks like a bad Web 2.0 website anyway?

Ridolph said...

I have to say, I fell for the marketing, the website worked really well, and my girlfriend can't eat gluten, so it seemed like a good deal. Worst pizza I've ever had in New York by far. Both the gluten-free (you don't expect much, though PIE does a good job) and the regular were simply awful on all fronts. Good Riddance.

glamma said...