Friday, November 30, 2012

Ludlow Hotel is starting to look like a hotel

A few things here on Ludlow Street ... where work continues at the longtime-coming Ludlow Hotel, subtly nestled next to the Ludlow...

[Last week, probably]

First, a reader sent us this close-up shot of the hotel... so we're posting it. Look, bricks! Windows!

...and secondly... the Ludlow Hotel is on this month's CB3/SLA committee agenda for a liquor license ...

In October 2011, Curbed reported that BD Hotels — the team involved with the Maritime, Chambers, Greenwich, Jane and Bowery hotels — bought the stalled site for $25 million.

For more on the background here, you can check out BoweryBoogie and The Lo-Down.

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Anonymous said...

At the very least, the crew behind the other hotels, while getting a pretentious crowd, is usually classic and on-point with their design aesthetic - i.e. it probably won't look like the fucking "Ludlow" tower.