Monday, November 19, 2012

154 Second Ave. is missing

[Image from summer 2011 via Off the Grid]

A quick look at the progress at 154 Second Ave., where workers have been gut renovating the former funeral chapel to make way for several new floors for "luxury rental apartments." And retail space.

Gutting is likely a better description. We noticed that the original building is pretty much ... gone.

Can't quite tell in these photos... but the front of the building is down to the original doorways...

And one day...

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Anonymous said...

I will say... that new rendering looks completely respectable and well-placed with it's surroundings.

I gotta give Icon credit for foregoing the glass and steel look on this one.

Anonymous said...

Icon, killers of the hood. I heard that Bloomberg is actually suing the illegal hotels because the big hotels are apparently losing business. I don't think that he would sue if he didn't think he was going to win.

Other groups are trying to get the Hotel Toshi and other illegal hotels by Icon shut down. Until then businesses will continue to capitalize off of them and artists will continue to support them.

Anonymous said...

just walked by. the door was wide open. there is absolutely nothing remaining of the original structure that i could see except for, perhaps, a couple of piles of loose bricks where the front wall used to stand.