Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mobil station on Avenue C provides screen for 'Hurricane Exxon' film

Per Nick Pinto at Runnin' Scared:

The Exxon Mobil station on 2nd Street and Avenue C became an impromptu movie theater last night, as a coalition of climate-change activists projected a short film about Hurricane Sandy recovery onto the wall above it.

Said Josh Fox, one of the filmmakers: ""We're dealing with a hurricane that was supercharged by climate change. Really, we should be calling it Hurricane Exxon."

The New York Times had more on the screening here.

[Photo by Jenna Pope via Facebook]

Unfortunately, we didn't find out about the screening until it was too late... But! The 24-minute film is on vimeo...

OCCUPY SANDY from JFOX on Vimeo.


glamma said...

this is so rad for too many reasons to list.
hats off.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I have a problem with the "Occupiers" exploiting the devastation for their branding. The word "occupy" now makes people's skin crawl, like the word "hipster."

By definition, "Occupy" is divisive. Let's work towards something based on inclusion.