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Monday, December 24, 2012

Resident claim: Living above Mighty Quinn's can be mighty smelly

Mighty Quinn's opened last Wednesday on Second Avenue and East Sixth Street, and people have been very enthusiastic about the Texas and Carolinas-inspired barbecue.

As Eater noted, pitmaster Hugh Mangum "is smoking all his meat in a pit the size of most people's livings rooms, using oak, apple, and cherry wood."

Sounds good, though perhaps not if you live in one of the apartments upstairs... A reader left this comment on a previous post:

The giant room-sized meat smoker has serious ventilation problems. We live in the building and our apartments & hallways reek of barbecue, all the way to the top floor — it's coming up through the radiators,walls & floors. Additionally, the ventilation system on the roof is going 24/7 & sounds like a jet plane idling. I'm sure everyone on the block can hear it. It's quite intrusive. The Health Dept. is coming to check it out. We're distressed! There's a reason smokehouses are located down country roads — they stink up the place, even if the food is delicious...

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Another gut renovation for 103 Second Ave.

An EVG reader passes along word about the gut renovation going on inside 103 Second Ave. at East Sixth St., most recently home to the recently gut-renovated Vandaag, which closed back in May.

We've lost track of how many eateries have been in and out of here in just the last, oh, 15 years... and each time, there's a gut renovation, which is the EVG Keyword of the Day. No big deal. You put in a new restaurant. You gut renovate the place. Just what you have to do. Until the building falls down or something. And the Vandaagers put a lot of time and attention into the interior. And someone new comes along and starts over...

Anyway, Eater had the scoop that the address will soon be home to the first "brick and mortar location" of Mighty Quinn's, a BBQ food truck, specializing in sustainable smoked meats, favored by food truck foodies in Brooklyn.

They will open after the gut renovation.