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Friday, August 17, 2012

Another gut renovation for 103 Second Ave.

An EVG reader passes along word about the gut renovation going on inside 103 Second Ave. at East Sixth St., most recently home to the recently gut-renovated Vandaag, which closed back in May.

We've lost track of how many eateries have been in and out of here in just the last, oh, 15 years... and each time, there's a gut renovation, which is the EVG Keyword of the Day. No big deal. You put in a new restaurant. You gut renovate the place. Just what you have to do. Until the building falls down or something. And the Vandaagers put a lot of time and attention into the interior. And someone new comes along and starts over...

Anyway, Eater had the scoop that the address will soon be home to the first "brick and mortar location" of Mighty Quinn's, a BBQ food truck, specializing in sustainable smoked meats, favored by food truck foodies in Brooklyn.

They will open after the gut renovation.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vandaag says goodbye (and 'Proost!')

Yesterday morning, we had the post about Vandaag being closed of late on Second Avenue at East Sixth Street... later in the day, Eater got word that the nearly two-year-old Dutch eatery had closed for good.

A goodbye sign went up later in the afternoon... via EV Grieve regular peter radley...

[Click to enlarge]

Robert Sietsema at Fork in the Road noted the signage and closure yesterday afternoon. You can read his thoughts on the matter here.

Meanwhile, in an email, an EVG regular wondered if Vandaag ever actually had a "plumbing emergency" like the handwritten sign on its front window suggested. "Did they decide to close before or after the 'plumbing emergency?'"

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Updated] Vandaag has been closed lately is officially closed now

Several readers pointed us to Vandaag, the well-regarded Dutch-Danish bistro on Second Avenue and East Sixth Street. The restaurant has been closed of late. One reader put the date at May 20.

EV Grieve regular peter radley, who took these photos, said this sign has appeared in the window for at least a week... "plumbing emergency"

He also noted that the plants and flowers inside the restaurant are dead...


A reader photo from Sunday night... you can see the mail stacking up on the floor...

There isn't any outgoing phone message with an explanation of the closure. The restaurant's Facebook page hasn't been updated since May 8. Open Table is not accepting any reservations. We sent the Vandaag folks an email asking when they might reopen.

Vandaag opened in July 2010 in the former Bounce Deuce space. Vandaag owner Brendan Spiro is involved with a new restaurant, Woodland, in Park Slope that opened on May 21.

Updated: 3:15 p.m.

Eater gets word that Vandaag is closed for good.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vandaag's weiner window opening this weekend

This weekend, over on Second Avenue, Vandaag will start serving sausages out of a takeout window on the restaurant's Sixth Street side, Eater reported yesterday.

As you might expect, the weiners are foodie friendly. Here's the menu, via Eater ...