Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Updated] Vandaag has been closed lately is officially closed now

Several readers pointed us to Vandaag, the well-regarded Dutch-Danish bistro on Second Avenue and East Sixth Street. The restaurant has been closed of late. One reader put the date at May 20.

EV Grieve regular peter radley, who took these photos, said this sign has appeared in the window for at least a week... "plumbing emergency"

He also noted that the plants and flowers inside the restaurant are dead...


A reader photo from Sunday night... you can see the mail stacking up on the floor...

There isn't any outgoing phone message with an explanation of the closure. The restaurant's Facebook page hasn't been updated since May 8. Open Table is not accepting any reservations. We sent the Vandaag folks an email asking when they might reopen.

Vandaag opened in July 2010 in the former Bounce Deuce space. Vandaag owner Brendan Spiro is involved with a new restaurant, Woodland, in Park Slope that opened on May 21.

Updated: 3:15 p.m.

Eater gets word that Vandaag is closed for good.


nygrump said...

I hate that when I see dead plants inside and abandoned space, its a kind of murder. Its weird, after going all out a couple weeks ago and opening the side window to sell pastries and coffee in the am and meat, then they had a huge Chase bank ad shoot.

Anonymous said...

the place was great when they opened, really fine and unique food. i hadn't been in for a few months and returned maybe last december and it just wasn't right. turns out the original chef had left. too bad, really.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

The new place in Brooklyn is part of the Atlantic Yards development spillover market. Was first intended as more of a club/late bar post-game place & changed its plans under pressure from neighbors (as evident in bucolic eco-name). Not sure how it will do. I don't eat in that many newish places, but agree that Vandaag had good food when it first opened.