Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More details about Ninth Street Espresso's plan to sell beer

Yesterday, we pointed out a few of the more interesting items on the June CB3/SLA docket. Among them: A beer and wine license for Ninth Street Espresso, which plans to expand into part of the former Life Cafe space on East 10th Street and Avenue B.

DNAinfo talked with owner Ken Nye about his plans. A few items from Serena Solomon's article:

• They're asking for an 11 p.m. closing time.
• They'd offer a maximum of three beers on tap.
• Nye is planning to open by the end of the summer, "doubling the existing space with an enclosed backyard."


Uncle Waltie said...

I love Espresso beer. Get uplifted in 45 seconds.

Anonymous said...

"I love having a beautiful cup of coffee in the morning and at six o’clock I want to have an absolutely beautiful beer in the evening."

"We are really not trying to become a bar... it is almost a place just to showcase beer."

This guy is a prime example why you shouldn't drink a lot of coffee... it rots your brain and makes you sound like an idiot.