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Monday, November 21, 2022

96 Tears debuts on Avenue A as a tribute to Howie Pyro

96 Tears debuted this past week at 110 Avenue A at Seventh Street... the establishment next door to sister bar Niagara takes over from Tompkins Square Bar

Owners Jesse Malin and Johnny T (whose other local ventures include 2A and Bowery Electric) as well as well as Jonathan Toubin have dedicated the space to the late Howie Pyro. Pyro, the prolific musician, producer and DJ, died in May from complications from COVID-19-related pneumonia following a liver transplant. He was 61. 

Here's more about the venue via the 96 Tears site:
"96 Tears" is of course the ? and The Mysterians distinctive #1 hit that was covered by everybody from Big Maybelle, Jimmy Ruffin, and Aretha Franklin to The Modern Lovers, Suicide, and The Stranglers. The DNA of so many revolutionary minimalist sounds that evolved across generations since its release, the original classic recording is also the first song ever referred to in print as "punk music" (by Dave Marsh in a 1971 issue of CREEM). 
While these dimensions of the song's journey are at the heart of what 96 Tears is all about, the bar took its name from a tattoo across the neck of Howie Pyro...  Howie's tragic death in May, and his friends' subsequent focus on his remarkable life and how he lived it, was the inspiration for 96 Tears.
Pyro was also well-known for his extensive collection of music-related memorabilia, which will be featured at 96 Tears...
The walls and shelves of the 96 Tears bar realize Howie's dream as they're adorned with his original posters, tchotchkes, and other extraordinary artifacts like the original promotional fruit company ashtray he discovered Andy Warhol lifted for The Velvet Underground & Nico LP cover ...  the "Free Sid Vicious" shirt that punk's original poster child left at Howie's apartment before his legendary demise ... a gold record the Ramones presented to Howie for their debut LP, a Dead Boys bass case that became his own, and an unimaginable array of other authentic subcultural wonders from across the edges of the 20th Century sub terrain that found their way into Howie's orbit.
The bar is open from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., with a 4 a.m. close on weekends. You can check out their food menu (similar to the one at Tompkins Square Bar) here.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Tompkins Square Bar opens at 110 Avenue A

Tompkins Square Bar is now up and running at 110 Avenue A near Seventh Street ... in the space that had been Sister Midnight (briefly) and Black Market.

A reader who lives nearby said the new place debuted this past weekend... while the Bar's Instagram account first notes a Nov. 9 opening.

In any event, there are a few menu items (leftover from the Black Market days?) ... as well as a pool table...

Black Market abruptly closed here in March after seven years. The same ownership then debuted Sister Midnight in April... within a month, brown paper covered the front windows and the menu disappeared. Sister Midnight then advertised being in the downstairs space with the 132 1/2 E. Seventh St. entrance around the corner ... which is also the address of Lovers of Today and previously The Cabin Down Below ...

[Photo from yesterday]