Monday, November 20, 2017

Tompkins Square Bar opens at 110 Avenue A

Tompkins Square Bar is now up and running at 110 Avenue A near Seventh Street ... in the space that had been Sister Midnight (briefly) and Black Market.

A reader who lives nearby said the new place debuted this past weekend... while the Bar's Instagram account first notes a Nov. 9 opening.

In any event, there are a few menu items (leftover from the Black Market days?) ... as well as a pool table...

Black Market abruptly closed here in March after seven years. The same ownership then debuted Sister Midnight in April... within a month, brown paper covered the front windows and the menu disappeared. Sister Midnight then advertised being in the downstairs space with the 132 1/2 E. Seventh St. entrance around the corner ... which is also the address of Lovers of Today and previously The Cabin Down Below ...

[Photo from yesterday]


Anonymous said...

I once was walking by Black market and passed by a woman looking down at her smartphone and saying to her friend [on the phone] "well, it says here [on the smartphone map] that Black Market is right here". If only they'd look up more or actually just ask someone...

Anonymous said...

Guiness vanilla float? Gross! As if that beer isn't bad enough.

Anonymous said...

Damn, they have enough bars. I liked that this spot was more of a bistro. At least they brought back the excellent burger.
But who needs another bar? They already have 3 on that corner. Mix it up, musician man!

Shawn said...

Welcoming another pool table!

Can someone do a pool table inventory?

Ave A (or near)
1. Lucy's (2)
2. Double Down (1)
3. Cherry Tavern (1)
4. Sophie's (1)
5. Doc Holliday's (1)

Ave B (or near)
1. Mona's (1)
2. Ace Bar (2)
3. Josie's (1)

Ave C:

Ave D: