Wednesday, November 15, 2017

More about 29B, a new teahouse at 29 Avenue B

29B opened in late October at 29 Avenue B between Second Street and Third Street.

Grub Street had a feature on the cafe-restaurant-retail space yesterday.

Some excerpts:

29B has an impressively diverse menu spanning categories of tea rarely seen in New York. There are Korean green teas, less bitter than Japanese styles with deceptively nuanced sweetness; a range of single-estate Darjeelings that offer opportunity for comparative tastings; and almost a dozen caffeine-free tisanes that involve infusions of mistletoe, mulberry leaf, and orchidlike white lotus.

Co-owner Stefen Ramirez has been running Tea Dealers, a tea importing business, as an online venture as well as a pop-up shop in Williamsburg. Tea Dealers is also located in this space.

Says Ramirez:

“You need something social besides a bar or club with loud music. Here you can drink whatever you want, with or without caffeine or alcohol, and an air of sobriety. But it’s not a library. We want an energy that’s refreshing and fun.”

29B is open Monday to Thursday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday-Saturday 11 a.m. to midnight, and Sunday noon to 6 p.m. Find their website here.

The storefront was previously home for seven years to Sigmund Pretzel Shop, which closed last fall.


Anonymous said...

Good. I will stop by soon. Hopefully I will be able to get to it on a weekend without passing the loud ass obnoxious corner that Poco thinks they own.

IzF said...

I stopped in on Tuesday! Lovely place!