Monday, November 20, 2017

Trailer Park Santa trailer has arrived on 14th Street

If you weren't already in the Christmas mood in September, then you will be now.

EVG reader KT noted the arrival yesterday of the trailer that will house the Christmas-tree-selling crew on 14th Street near First Avenue.

Can we expect to see grubby ol' St. Nick (Trailer Park Santa Claus to a few) soon?

[EVG photo from 2012]


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing OSN will arrive when the stand is officially open and guarded. Put him up now and he could be stolen by The Grinch!

Pinch said...

I thought to myself last night when I walked by that its arrival seems a day or two earlier than usually, but maybe not; I appreciate the scene created though, especially how O'Hanlon's is sorta tied into it all.

Anonymous said...

Thank, God. Finally. There is hope we'll get through a very bad bad year -- yet. Once, that is, we get through . . . Santacon.

Anonymous said...

Will they take over and block the sidewalk as all of these purveyors illegally do every year?

Anonymous said...

WHEN IS SANTACON?????????????