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Sunday, September 4, 2022

Who wood you pick?

Many people weighed in about this discarded wood carving found on First Avenue and 14th Street yesterday

These are among the many responses to who was immortalized (then abandoned!) on this slab of wood... 

• Ben Franklin 
• Daniel Boone 
• Christopher Columbus 
• St. Thomas Moore 
• Lethal Weapon-era Mel Gibson 
• Vigo, the Carpathian 
• Lord Farquad 
• Random guy who had this done at a county fair 
• Viggo Mortensen 
• Kurt Vonnegut 
• The Quaker Oats guy (maybe on a meth bender?)
• Cesar Romero 
• Leonard Bernstein 
• Liberace 
• "My neighbor when I was a kid in Miami." 
• Paul Krasner 
• Barbara Bush 
• "Someone else who pissed off Jabba the Hutt." 

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Saturday's opening shot

Inexplicably discarded at your favorite intersection, 14th Street and First Avenue. 

And trying to figure out who this is... Benjamin Franklin? "Lethal Weapon"-era Mel Gibson? The person you always thought was hiding under your bed as a kid? 

Polling open until 9 p.m.