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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A strange encounter on an East 11th Street elevator

A reader told me about this incident shortly after it happened ... and asked if I had heard about any other such encounters with the man who will be described below. The reader waited until he had video from the building security before sharing this:

On Sunday, October 14 at approximately 8 pm, I was followed from between 11th and 12th Streets on Avenue A and into my building on E. 11th St between Ave A and B and ultimately into my elevator.

He didn't press a button once we entered the elevator, so I asked where he was going, and he said [totally deadpan] "Your apartment."

I asked him what he meant, but, before he could answer, I quickly exited the elevator ... and entered my apartment. I then called the police, who checked the stairwells, floors and roof.

The guy was white, late 20s/early 30's, about 6-3, skinny build, long black hair slightly past his shoulders, beard/goatee, red/black checkered flannel shirt, dark jeans, chain wallet and heavy black shoes (maybe boots). He didn't look too scary or disheveled. Just appeared like a normal, hungover hipster.

The video shows the man stepping out of the elevator on the reader's floor, and then back inside. His intentions unknown. He left the building.

And what did the police say in response to this report?

"They just said, 'Yeah, this neighborhood is getting sketchy again.'"