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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Another driver wedges car on the bike lane adjacent to the FDR

[Screengrab via PIX11]

Police are searching for the BMW driver who cruised along the bike-jogging path adjacent to the FDR, abandoning the vehicle after it became wedged between the highway's retaining wall and Con Ed at 15th Street early this morning.

Per PIX11:

Police said the driver of the car fled the scene and was nowhere to be found.

Authorities do not know where the car entered the sectioned-off path or how it got stuck there.

In July 2018, a woman driving a Porsche Cayenne managed the same feat...

Thankfully no one was injured in either reckless driving incident.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

This weekend in stupid tourists playing chicken with cars in a busy East Village intersection

Thanks to the good people over at The Late Adopter for sharing this link with us...

Just after midnight on Avenue A and Seventh Street, two reportedly "drunken tourists" started playing in the traffic....

According to The Late Adopter, the two were singing loudly and wildly running in front of cabs and cars, at one point lying down in the street. "After about 15 minutes a police van rolled up and detained the drunker of the two. Eventually an ambulance showed up too so kudos to NYPD for safety first."

My guess is that they were new singles who moved here.

The Late Adopter has more photos here.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Breaking: Lower East Side is NYC's "hottest nightlife neighborhood"

Cityfile has a report on Zagat's new nightlife survey. Some 6,000 New Yorkers were allegedly surveyed. And what did they say?:

The Lower East Side is NYC's "hottest nightlife neighborhood," while the meatpacking district was named "most over-rated/or over-hyped." As for "the growing trend of bars with master mixologists," more than half of the people surveyed said it was "an excuse to charge more for drinks."

Friday, May 8, 2009

The fellow who was terrorized by old people during the Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival ended Sunday...

Anyway, I was sitting at the Grassroots the other day. And this young fellow started talking to his drinking partner about how much he hated the Tribeca Film Festival. Specifically because he lived on Third Avenue near the Loews Village VII where some of the films were showing. He complained about sidewalk congestion. People screaming for cabs at night. Idiots paying no mind to their surroundings while texting/talking. Couples arguing about whether his/her spouse remembered to bring the tickets. That kind of thing.


The perceptive drinking partner asked how this was different from any other Thursday/weekend night.

"These people were old."

Possibly unrelated! As Daily Intel reported, "500 New York Police Department barricades were used throughout the Festival."

Did anyone else hear any TFF horror stories?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The inside scoop on the East Village outpost of Whiskey Dick's

A note from EV Grieve: Starting today, you'll notice a slight change in the editorial. Previously, I enjoyed chronicling every day life in the neighborhood and elsewhere...lamenting the changes that were occurring in the process. However, to be honest, there's no money in that. So we'll be doing a little more publicist-friendly posts that, I hope, will make this site more attractive for a corporate purchase a la Daily Candy. Anyway, I hope that you do give my new direction a chance. After all, I'm just a guy who lives in the neighborhood.

I have the scoop on a new bar opening "very soon" in the East Village. Can't say much for now, though I will provide some tantilizing clues to its whereabouts in this post!

As I pass my favorite strip of shops, Blockbuster, Subway and Dunkin' Donuts, I come face to face with the glorious plywood, the likes of which has served as a welcome sign of our (long overdue) revitalization of the East Village. Anywho, after shooing aside someone with a digital camera trying to sneak a peak behind the wood, I step inside and come face-to-face with a neon Sam Adams sign. Hello, beautiful! I knew that I had found my new home away from home!

Then I met "Ingrid," the proprietor of this soon-to-be glorious space. She is a longtime EV resident, having moved here in 2005 from her native South Florida where she was slinging drinks at the always popular Whiskey Dick's. She plans on bringing some of the madcap mayhem that marked so many Spring Breaks in SoFa to the East Village. Holla, bitches!

While telling me more about her plans (including a contest to find who can make the most noise on the sidewalk at closing time), she poured me a new Sam Adams Spring Fling Amber Bock. I reached in my pocket for a sawbuck, but she said it was on the house. (Then she gave me a knowing wink!) Dang, had I known this, I would not have had to use that icky-looking graffiti-filled ATM down the street!

Ingrid regaled me with stories from back in the day when NYC was really gritty -- 2000. Oh, what a glorious time that must have been here! Though I'm glad I wasn't here. Where would I have lived? Wait! I know what you're thinking: I said that she moved here in 2003. Guilty! Her cousin lived on Long Island and she paid her a visit a few times in 2000. She got a good feel of the place from Valley Stream.

In any event, she gave me the dish on what to expect: beer pong, hookah, frisbeer, keg stands, flip cup, drink-and-drown nights, college-kids-get-in-free nights. Not to mention her special nosh -- small plates of ramen. Delish! She's even arranging a deal with the city in which Mayor Bloomberg (pray that he's reelected!) renames the East River the East Ramen for her grand opening. (Other ideas for naming rights are Central Dick's or the Financial Dick-strict.)

Well, it's nice to finally find a bar that promises to be full of people who look as if they may actually have a job! (Or soon will have a job on Wall Street!) And, more important, people who don't smell and look old or artsy.

One word of caution: As I said, this place is near Houston. (Oopsy I slipped!) Whatever you do, don't walk east on Houston by Katz's to get here. Smelly! Like pickles! My North Face jacket had to be dry cleaned several times after I walked by just once. Gross.

More TK!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


From the Post:

As season two of Bravo's guilty pleasure launches [tonight], housewife Jill Zarin warns, "You're gonna see some [expensive] toys come out, unfortunately. We filmed the show before the recession happened."

The recession that has put millions of New Yorkers out of work threatens to make New York's real housewives appear even more self-indulgent and childishly pampered than last season. Back then, they were merely cougars of conspicuous consumption, spending perversely amusing bundles on themselves. This season, when housewife Alex McCord and husband (some say honorary housewife) Simon van Kampen drop $8,000 on clothing at a Hamptons boutique, their extravagance will likely strike viewers as prodigal in the extreme.

Van Kampen, manager of Murray Hill's Hotel Chandler, hopes the economy doesn't turn off viewers to the cast's wasteful spending habits. "This is escapist television for a lot of people," he says. "I don't think there'll be much negative reaction. Honestly, I think there is less conspicuous consumption in season two."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New York Post helps New York men try to be better New York men

The Post has a handy-dandy listicle today titled "25 Skills That Make A NYC Man."

Among the 25 skills that New York men "need to have":

2) Not get ripped off by a cabbie: Always have singles. It's amazing how many taxi drivers have only 10-dollar-bills for change when you have only a 20 for your $8 fare. And the answer to "Where ya' from?" is always "Born and raised in New York."

5) Get into a nightclub with your boys: Go in two at a time holding hands. Seriously, this works. The bouncer will assume you're no threat to the girls they just let in to hit on big spending VIPs. And since no homophobe would resort to this trick just to get in, you're probably not a big macho who'll cause trouble, either.

8) Know what not to order in a bar: Don't get cute. A vodka-cranberry takes two minutes to serve. Your Cape Cod-a-colada could be a while. Plus, it's girly.

9) Not get ripped off in a strip club: "A dance" means one song and costs $20. If the stripper keeps going when song two starts, that meter's running. And FYI, they tell every guy he has pretty eyes. Sorry.

10) Know which clubs and restaurants are played out: If your buddy suggested you take your hot new date to Boucarou, he's trying to get her to leave you. Don't trust blog comments - they're often left by publicists and venue owners of a business or its competition.

17) Not get punched by a crackhead: You don't have to respect them, but act like you do. "I don't have a dollar, but I'll catch you on the way back, buddy." He'll forget. He's a crackhead.

22) Make money: Everything here is absurdly expensive and starving artists starve alone. Unless Albert Hammond is in your band, music is your hobby and you need a day job

23) Know your Olsens from your Hiltons: It's mind-numbing, but it's going to come up. Olsens are elfin creatures who dwell downtown, feed on leaves and often look homeless. Hiltons are longer, taller, louder, shinier and much harder to ignore. You'd rather hook-up with an Olsen, you'd actually rather bag a Hilton.

Ready for the day now, men?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"Pure poo"

We were talking about the Holiday Cocktail Lounge on St. Mark's in a post yesterday. I later spotted this user review of the Holiday at Zagat.

Understandable...he probably wants to buy a place at the Theatre Condominiums...