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Sunday, November 3, 2019

New Avenue A L-train entrances open tomorrow; 1st Avenue station will close next for renovations

[Photo by Brian Carroll]

The MTA is throwing open the doors to two of the Avenue A entrances to the L train tomorrow (Nov. 4!) at 9 a.m.

Earlier today, EVG regular Greg Masters got a look at the platforms, in the making for two-plus years (and on the wish list for decades) ...

Earlier this evening, the L Project Newsletter sent out a special missive about the opening, noting that the first two entrances opening are on the south side of Avenue A (Brooklyn bound) at 14th Street. To help commuters navigate the new entrances, the L Project team will be out to answer questions and point you in the right direction.

No word on when the the north side (Eighth Avenue bound) entrances will open at Avenue A. The MTA hasn't yet issued a news release about tomorrow's opening. (We hear one is on the way. We'll post info from that once it arrives.) Updated: Here's the MTA press release.

Meanwhile, the luxury of having entrances at Avenue A and First Avenue will be short-lived.

Back to the L Project:

Now that the Avenue A side will be open, the 1st Avenue side will close in about a week for a few months for structural repairs. We have to make sure it looks as good (and has the structural strength too!) to match the new one. The same thing will also happen for the north side entrances. We'll always have two open at the station. Look for signs tomorrow for more info.