Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fluffy taken to Pennsylvania

These fliers are all over Avenue on the image for a better read...

Sad, strange story.


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PURE SPECULATION: Maybe people are stealing pets for the reward money?


tiny banquet committee said...

I've been following this saga on flyers and this is a disturbing turn. It sounds like this woman from Pennsylvania wouldn't leave her name because . . . she can't bear to have anyone question her judgment? Pretty arrogant if true!
The New Yorker had something on dog-pinching in January:
Seems like it would be more difficult with cats. Most dogs will go with anyone brandishing a snack but cats are more suspicious.

Anonymous said...

I am sure these people who feed these cats and build shelters for them have good intentions but these cats needs permanent homes. The neighbors should contact a feral cat rescue to help out. These cats will just keep breeding out of control. Can one of them find it in their hearts to take in the girl cat mentioned on this flier? I will find a feral cat rescue and leave the info at 6BC. Let's help these cats!