Saturday, February 7, 2009

None of this will be on the midterm

From Newsday:

NYPD seeks suspects in ATM "not working"

NEW YORK - Police are looking for four people who have been scheming to steal money from bank customers using cash machines in Manhattan's East Village.

Police said Friday the suspects have run a low-tech scam multiple times since October.

After the target puts his or her bank card into an ATM, a woman approaches and says that machine isn't working. While the victim uses a nearby machine, a second suspect watches and notes the victim's personal code.

That suspect gives the code to a third person, who then punches it into the machine the victim initially used -- and didn't cancel out of. Because the machine is still activated by the victim's card, the suspect is able to use the code to withdraw

Police have security-camera photos of at least one suspect.

And that photo...

Anyway, the lesson? Keep your money under your mattress!

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