Saturday, June 13, 2009

About "Loud Fast Jews"

The Times on the "Loud, Fast Jews" event last Thursday night featuring Tommy Ramone, Chris Stein, Lenny Kaye and Handsome Dick Manitoba:

Punk’s New York origins as a do-it-yourself, three-chorded return to music basics — and a fashion style and attitude — were no accident, said Richard Bienstock, a senior editor at Guitar World magazine who curated the forum. “It’s New York,” he said, “and anything that starts here, there’s a good chance Jews are involved.”

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amgphoto said...

I knocked 'em dead in Dallas
And I didn't pay my dues
Yeah, I knocked 'em dead in Dallas
They didn't know we were Jews
I sock 'em everywhere that I sing
Cause you know baby
I'm the Next Big Thing

Some loud, fast, jews changed my life back in 1975!