Friday, June 19, 2009

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning edition

Jeremiah continues featuring some of NYC's unique characters, such as the Seltzer Man ... and the Payphone Man.

Are sidewalk cafe umbrellas really necessary for one person? (BoweryBoogie)

Citi-Spaces vacates EV office (The Real Deal)

Fire at Teany (Eater)

Abandoned bungalows in Far Rockaway (Nathan Kensinger Photography)

Free Shakespeare this summer (The New York Times)

No certificate of occupancy for 120 St. Mark's Place; plus, the Mosaic Man's death's head for the wall (Neither More Nor Less)

Hawk invades First Avenue diner (Gawker)

St. Mark's Place: 1902 vs. 2009 (Hunter-Gatherer)

From the Zagat Nightlife survey press release: Hot Blocks: Voted NYC's hottest nightlife neighborhood, the Lower East Side had a banner year, with the most buzz-worthy newcomers. Exclusivity came downtown with the opening of Eldridge, and Thompson LES Hotel introduced Above Allen, a rooftop bar with a retractable roof and chic furniture. Further downtown, Santos Party House opened its double-decker dance floors to throngs of partygoers and a rotating list of celeb-DJs. (PR Newswire)

Matt Harvey talks with Vera Ramone (NYPress)

"Yeah, I thought being anorexic would be hot" (Esquared)

Lots of people buy second homes in Manhattan. Why? "[R]ecent developments have made New York even more tempting. Once-marginal neighborhoods such as the Meatpacking District and Times Square are not just gentrified but leading hot spots. The 10-year-old Hudson River Park has transformed the entire West Side shoreline, once full of rail yards and crumbling piers, into a sports, recreation and relaxation zone." (USA Today)

IZ the WIZ dies (Blogue via Gawker)

Angels and Kings to get douchier somehow (Grub Street)

Iggys Pizzeria is the name of the place to replace Five Roses (Eater)

Young Flanagan!: Best bartenders in NYC (Forbes)

Another take on the new "Taking of Your $12.50 123" (Patell and Waterman's History of New York)

Meet the new LES hotel (Curbed)

Duchamp reloaded (Please Enjoy via BoingBoing)

Carry a cello to meet guys (Glamour)

10 ten ways to get drunk on the cheap. Notable quotes: "I like my bars how I like my men: grungy and cheap" and "The roof is wonderfully enchanting for a spot on the less-attractive edge of the LES" and "Promoter Ruben Araneta told me the real secret: Go on a Monday, say his name at the door, then find him inside to cop a free vodka cran from his bottle — especially if you are female (duh!) and attractive (double duh!)" (Black Book)

More postcards from NYC to back home (This Ain't the Summer of Love)

Woody Allen: "New York itself is very inspiring. If I take a walk in the morning on Madison Avenue and I look at people going to work and kids going to school, I'm full of ideas about wanting to do stories about the city." (USA Today)

An event for Superdive?

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prodigal son said...

If the weather is bad enough to require use of an umbrella at a sidewalk cafe, its probably bad enough to sit indoors.

The second homes thing is a problem. Other than pricing out people who need first homes here because they have jobs here, where you have concentrations of them you also get empty streets. They can kill neighborhoods.