Monday, June 22, 2009

Trash Station

This is the scene that greeted passersby on Saturday morning in front of the new Yogurt Station on St. Mark's Place.

Someone ripped open the store's trash bags and dumped the contents, well, everywhere. Random tomfoolery? Or a message from unhappy locals fed up with crap like FroYo shops opening every 12 feet?

The store also received a $300 tickets for the mess.


lvv said...

I hope locals would not do that no matter how unhappy about the fro-yo fungus. I mean, we have to live here, so it would be a pretty self-sabotaging form of "protest." I vote for drunken stupidity.

In other garbage-related and Monday-morning bitchin' news, all the new kids in my building (who replaced the old stabilized tenants) do not understand the concept of garbage disposal at all.

We have garbage chutes on the first floor under the stairs which lead to the basement, as well as bins for recyclables. Welp, no one seems moved to use them. They just dump their garbage bags (half the time untied and spilling) along the wall, too lazy to even place them in the far corner, so by Saturday night, since the super's not around on weekends, access to the chutes and bins is completely blocked and trash is spilled all over the floor.

Superdive is across the street, @ssholes!

Laura Goggin Photography said...


Anonymous said...

why does the store get a ticket for this

EV Grieve said...

Yeah, I'm chalking this up to drunken tomfoolery.... I suppose someone really pissed off would have done much worse to the Yogurt Station....

T.J. Moore said...

I hope it wasn't anyone who lives in the neighborhood that did that.

How people handle garbage in this city is pretty shameful. I live in a building where people do not dispose of their garbage properly. We have several garbage bins with lids to place our trash in. Instead of lifting the lid and putting the garbage inside the can, people pile it on top of the garbage lids. (They are too lazy to lift a lid!) It turns into a gigantic heap of garbage. It makes me sick every time I see it.

I kind of blame the super. If he put up a note that said, "Put your garbage IN the bin," people might feel shamed to do so.

I've wondered if the EV wouldn't have so much garbage flying around if there were more public garbage cans. Like 2 at every corner instead of 1.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

The other tenants in my building also put their trash bags on top of the garbage can lids, which drives me crazy. I have to pick up their garbage in order to put away mine. I often wonder what these people are thinking when they do that...who do they expect to be cleaning up after them? If you bother to put your trash in a bag and drag it all the way down the stairs and out to the back yard, how difficult is it to LIFT THE LID??