Monday, June 29, 2009

Coming soon to Avenue A: "Best taco shop and boutique in NY!"

Well, that seems like an odd combination. Won't all the boutique items smell like, say, tacos?

Anyway, first. I spoke with someone who works here. If all goes well with inspections, etc., La Lucha will be open in two weeks. Or so.

Only later did I see these fliers taped to their shop window on Avenue A between Ninth Street and 10th Street (just steps away from San Loco too...) I'm curious about the food/boutique combo.

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T.J. Moore said...

It will have to serve very good food to convince me to go there instead of San Loco. Btw, San Loco on Avenue A now accepts credit and debit cards.

Lorenza said...

T.J. If you are even a little curious as to what Mexican food really is, you will go in...San Loco? seriously?

Anonymous said...

La Lucha seems to be offering real Mexico City-like tacos, I wouldn´t change that for Tex-Mex...!
Looking forward to its opening and enjoying some real tacos de bistec! :)
Love the decor and colors btw...