Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Perhaps they spent all the money on the renovation and flat-screen TVs

The new sign is up at Aces & Eights on Avenue A.

Looks a little...? Small? Homemade? High school shop classy?


kmc said...

In the 80s there was a bar called Aces and Eights on Lafayette St. It was known for it's stupid human trick events like human bowling etc. This new place is retarded.

Bowery Boogie said...

ok, that sign just doesn't make any sense.

lvv said...

That sign is absolutely hideous.

There's another Avenue A bar that just opened, at 13th where Michael Formika's Boys Room used to be. It's called Destination, which is stupendously generic and lame.

Anyway, I am complaining because that's my block and I already have enough headaches from the douchewaffles at Drop Off Service. Did you know it's called "Drop Off Service" because that's what it used to say in the window of my former LAUNDROMAT?! How many effing places do people even need to get drunk?

Apologies for the crankiness.

EV Grieve said...

Completely understandable, lvv!

I know, Destination?

metropolitan said...

@ IVY:
that was a huge trend in williamsburg a few years back --the naming of a bar after the business that used to be there which required no sign change and gave it some sort of ironic feel to it.
think of: matchless, union pool, check cashing and a stack of others whose names i've been trying to forget for the past few years.

Karen Lillis said...

That's what they do in the suburbs--make a farm into a sub-development of vinyl sided houses and then call the neighborhood "Sweet Apple Farms," or "Rolling Acres." Meanwhile some farmer retires to Florida and his father lays in his grave cursing, cursing.

Media glut said...

I thought it looked much better as it was rather than this fake cowboy shit.
As least here at Harry Hope's it's always the same.