Thursday, June 4, 2009

EV Grieve Etc: Mourning Edition

Looking at the Gulf Coast on West 12th Street (Hunter-Gatherer)

Hard times force women to sell their old wedding gowns (The Wall Street Journal)

Anti-StuyTown graffiti on the L (Jeremiah's Vanishing NY)

Lux Living makes note of StuyTown's upcoming Summer Concert Series. Among the family friendly fare: Jay Reatard. Lux Living then posted this Reatard performance clip:

Shockers: A new condo that opts for a water tank (BoweryBoogie)

A collection of good signs from Ken (Greenwich Village Daily Photo)

Times Square now looks like someone's backyard (Lost City)

Ray's reopens.... and C-Squat will have a benefit for Ray's.

Medal Day madness on the LES (Gothamist)

Patrick Swayze's TV show gets canceled (Variety)

You probably already read about Bravo's next reality show. If not, here's a piece on it from the Post the other day:

"NYC Prep," which premieres ... June 23, follows five students from prestigious private schools and one from an elite public high school as they groan at length about their riches — while trying to edge each other out in the social standings.

"I don't want to apologize for having money!" Camille Hughes, 16, a junior at Nightingale-Bamford School, says in the premiere. "It's good."

From Joshua Stein's recap in the Times:

“My hobby,” says Sebastian, a doe-eyed 16-year-old ladies’ man, “is hooking up with the hottest girls I can.” Like any budding player, Sebastian goes on a date to Kurve, a futuristic Thai place in the East Village, with a wingman and two hapless 16-year-old girls.

Curb just reported that the Cooper Square Hotel has released a "signature scent" scent called Wanderlust.

[Photo via Flaming Pablum]

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