Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In response to recent violence in the East Village: Alphabet City Neighbors

If you've been following Bob Arihood's work at Neither More Nor Less, then you're well aware of the recent attacks that have occurred in the neighborhood. In response to the uptick in violence, an East Village resident has launched the site Alphabet City Neighbors.

This neighborhood will not succumb to violence and thuggery. Alphabet City -- Avenue A through Avenue D -- is a place where people -- whether they be homeless people who enjoy Tompkins Square Park or Wall Streeters who live in penthouse suites -- should feel comfortable. Mostly, it's a neighborhood full of decent people trying to live decent lives. We won't let thugs change that.

Rob at Save the Lower East Side and BoweryBoogie have also checked in with the story.


Ken Mac said...

we've had multiple stabbings over here on West Fourth. Where are the cops in the middle of night? Dunkin Donuts on West Third.

RatherBeBiking said...

About time, I reposted this here (will also link to Ev Grieve post)

: http://tr.im/nb2L

Anonymous said...

some douchebag whos not from there