Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Manhattan family that intrigues, intimidates and nauseates

Well, in case you haven't read about the Novogratz family yet... The UK Times checks in with a feature, asking in the headline: Is this the world's coolest family?

Prepare to be intrigued, intimidated and, if you are the jealous or private type, possibly a little nauseated. The Novogratz family — two good-looking parents and seven photogenic children, along with their $25 million Manhattan mansion, Brazilian beach house, New England country estate, famous friends and cool parties — could soon be the name that you associate with everything from sandwich bags to boutique hotels.

Robert Novogratz, 46, his wife Cortney, 37, and their brood, which includes two sets of twins, have been renovating dilapidated buildings in New York’s up-and-coming neighbourhoods for 13 years. Along the way, they have charmed the city’s style magazines and blogs with their ability to combine French salvage, flea market finds, undiscovered artists and high-end fittings to striking effect.

[Photo by Christine Seib via]


L'Emmerdeur said...

Really? Seven kids? That's the soon-to-be-extinct human race for you: quantity over quality.

Jill said...

I hate them.