Monday, June 8, 2009

The motorcycle diaries

There was a rather mysterious beeping noise on Fifth Street near Avenue A. Neighbors first started hearing it Thursday night. The source was traced to a covered motorcycle parked by the Con Ed Avenue A substation. As of yesterday, the motorcycle's alarm continued to make the beeps at intervals of 10 seconds or so.


Melanie said...

That's the lowest.
In Park Slope where I lived--a car alarm was going off all day and night and when I reached the street I realized the car belonged to a friend and told the angry crowd I would alert him--they yelled and ganged up on me and I told the fools that I was trying to help. Imagine!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why 'Melanie' thinks "That's the lowest." I call it practical. Owners of vehicles SHOULD be held responsible for ongoing noise violations coming from their vehicles.

As for the motorcycle: If the polite note wasn't adhered to within a few days, then I say slashing the tires may get the owner's attention, or have the city tow it for noise violations.