Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Your chance to nab a piece of junk from Le Souk

As Down by the Hipster noted May 22, Le Souk had its liquor license reinstated ... before that, though, there was talk the longtime bane of lower Avenue B (as Eater aptly described it) was relocating to Bleecker and LaGuardia...

Meanwhile, Le Souk must be doing a little late spring cleaning. Which may explain why someone at Le Souk left a bunch of crap on the sidewalk last night... I call dibs on the empty keg!


Melanie said...

Walked by it earlier--just a bunch of tired junk.
Wonder what they will do with the place decor wise?
I really like Moroccan decor.

esquared said...

I call dibs on the folding table. Beer Pong!