Saturday, October 3, 2015

Chucky's in love at Mikey's

I always like (and actually look forward to seeing now) Andre Trenier's 1980s-inspired murals on the roll-down gate at Mikey Likes It, 199 Avenue A near East 12th Street.

This month it's Charles Lee Ray … aka Chucky from the Academy Award-winning "Child's Play."

And the flavor of the month: Child's Play: spiced pumpkin ice cream with cinnamon streusel, buttered pecan pieces and cheesecake chunks.


Anonymous said...

NICE!!!!! I love Chucky. Right in time for Halloween boahhhhhh ha haaaa....

Anonymous said...

The colors are terrific!

Anonymous said...

Time for another Chucky movie, no?

Anonymous said...

That's awful. Why would an ice cream place want an image like that on its front?

nygrump said...

Its Halloween month, America's deepest religious celebration. Sugar, consumption and fear!

Anonymous said...

Far superior than funky faced Chico murals.

Shawn G. Chittle said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Grieve !

Fewer things make me happier than Mikey's shop:

1. He's from the neighborhood
2. He's making everyone happy with yummy home made ice cream
3. He did not ask for a full liquor license
4. His tastes in music and hip-hop are on point
5. He values and treasures art (right down to his lift gate!)
6. He gives back to the community.

He's a treasure of Ave A and one of the many reasons Ave A is so great!