Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Earth School Fall Fair is today in Tompkins Square Park

Noon to 5 p.m. today… enter on Avenue A at East Ninth Street…

Some highlights via The Earth School website:

• The Amazing Maze!
• The photo booth with a selection of crazy costumes to choose from for a wacky portrait
• A green market selling herbs and greens from the school’s rooftop garden
• Rummage and used book sale
• International foods, both homemade and from East Village restaurants
• Face painting, craft table and cup-cake decorating
• The Pocket Lady (check out her Tinder profile here) and her pockets full of mystery prizes


Anonymous said...

grieve, I am distressed with your delay

EV Grieve said...

Me too!

I only saw the flyer this morning. And a school parent emailed me info this morning at 7:44. It's always better to receive information in advance.

Anonymous said...

EVGrieve secretly favors The Neighborhood School!